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Travelling Accident?

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Client called from South America after breaking a leg half way up a mountain. What would you do?

Fortunately he had taken specialist insurance cover through us, since he was at over 4,000m. Why 4,000m you ask? Well,  a lot of insurers companies just won’t cover you over this altitude as it can be so expensive to get an Air Evacuation down!

These days more and more people are doing adventurous things but not realising that a lot of the “standard” travel insurances just cannot keep up and don’t in fact properly cover them. The worst time to find this out is when it all goes pear shaped.

Think about our clients costs:-

  • The air lift down to a hospital
  • There is the medical expenses firstly for x rays, nursing staff, drugs etc
  • A doctors report
  • Translation of the report
  • Review of all this at the insurers offices in the UK
  • Medical decisions on how to transport home (just a leg out over 2 extra seats or air ambulance)
  • The extra costs of these seats or special flight
  • Whether they need assistance on the flight as well
  • Transport to the airport & at home from the airport to home

Fortunately the client had the right cover and so does not stand to pay it all themselves.

My advice-

“is to review your travel cover to make sure it’s up to the task”

Have a good holiday though……..

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