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Have you got the right car insurance in place?

As a General Insurance professional I am constantly amazed by how many new clients I come across who do not have the right car insurance cover in place. When is the worst time to find this out? When you’ve just had an accident.


Damaged car

A bad day on the way to the office

What’s the problem you ask?    Business Use!

What many clients fail to realise is that even the one off trip on business invalidates a car insurance policy set up for Social Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) or Commuting use. If you don’t just commute to 1 permanent place of business but go to various sites or locations then you probably need to have business use on your car insurance. So many people don’t whether by ignorance or no advice! I come across on average 2 people a week who have got it wrong on their current policy. Many of these have bought direct and the lack of advice and understanding can catch many out.

Is your policy right?

I’ve heard comments such as “I only go to one place in a day” or “I go to different meetings sometimes” and so on…….It does not matter. If you go to one permanent place of work then that is commuting, clear and simple. However, as soon as you go to the bank or post office for work in the car, or different work sites for business meetings then that’s business use, plain and simple, no arguments. Two examples I had recently were as follows :-

1. A minister of religion had SD&P incl commuting use on his policy however, I knew that he went to other churches visiting them as he had been to my own. He only had commuting on his policy so we addressed that for him and still came out with a more competitive costing. Overall a very happy client saved from a potentially embarrassing situation.

2. A self employed computer consultant went to clients premises on a daily basis and again thought commuting (to his place of work that just happened to be the clients businesses) was correct. No!

So what does it really matter you may ask. Get it wrong & you’ll invalidate your policy. If you are stopped by the police that could mean prosecution for technically being uninsured and points on your licence or if you’ve had an accident your insurers could pay out to the third party but then claim the cost of the claim back from you! Could you afford a bill for potentially thousands of pounds?

At 1 Stop we always want to ensure our clients have the right cover in place so I you have any doubts ring your insurers today and tell them what you use the car for and ensure they confirm the current cover is right. Alternative call me on 020 8773 2222 and I’ll check it out for you.

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