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Drink, Drugs & Christmas

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Drink or Drugs

drink1As if the current laws were not enough of an incentive to not drive whilst under the influence of Drink or Drugs many insurers are now getting in on the act too.

Axa are the latest insurers to announce a Drink & Drugs exclusion. So what could it mean to you, where do your insurers stand? What other covers may they not be giving you?

In essence if you, or any of the drivers allowed to drive your vehicle, are found to be over the limit for drink or drugs you policy cover is invalidated. The most likely time that you will be found out would be following an accident. Sadly this is when you will most need your insurance policy to cover you. So what would that mean in practical terms?

Fault accident.

You run into another car and the police charge you with being unfit through drink or drugs. Your insurers would still pay out to the third party to repair their vehicle or for any injury you might cause. BUT they could now be legally allowed to claim that cost back from you! This could run into thousands of pounds.

Whilst most people would not even be in this situation it will soon be the season of Christmas parties and it does not take much to get over the drink drive limit. Could you afford an unwelcomed bill in the thousands? Over 8,000 people were prosecuted for drink related offences last year alone.

Non Fault Accident

You are hit from behind by a negligent driver. Again the police could be called and if they prosecute you for being over the limit your insurers could either refuse to repair your vehicle or it they have already done so potentially claim the money back from you. Again, not a nice situation to find yourself in!


Obviously the message is don’t drink or use drugs and then drive.

It also demonstrates that insurance is not just about price, cover counts too.

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