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Whiplash claims to change?

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Crashed carThe BBC today reports that the Ministry of Justice plans to reform the rules for whiplash claims and so will potentially reduce vehicle insurance premiums. See

For years we in the Insurance industry have been complaining about the way the current “compensation culture” has been exploited by “ambulance chasing” companies encouraging drivers to seek compensation for Whiplash following even minor bumps. How many times have you been phoned by random companies offering to help you claim for that “accident you recently had”, even when you have had no such accident…….?

Whiplash has long been seen as an easy payday by many, especially with the condition being difficult to challenge in the courts. Many claims have been inflated, proactively invited by unscrupulous claims management companies or been part of organised criminal activity in “crash for cash” scams.

Common sense would say change the system so that it awarded medical treatments through vetted providers, not cold hard cash. The criminals would soon lose interest and those who really need the treatment would actually get it potentially saving the NHS additional expense. What’s your view?

This is not the first time the Government have pledged action and whilst some progress was made with earlier changes hopefully this fix will make things better. I suppose only time will tell whether we see the results and a reduction in our insurance premiums.


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