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What does your business policy actually give?

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Open for BusinessWe are constantly staggered by how few businesses actually know what insurance cover they have in place. With an increase in extreme weather conditions in this country many small businesses are losing out financially because they are trying to claim on unsuitable policies purchased possibly years before and never reviewed. The worst time to find out cover is inadequate is part way through a claim.

Insurance can be complicated and if you are unaware of the complexities you could easily be caught out. Not all Insurance is the same and that’s why a little FREE advice can go a long way. A FREE policy review can give peace of mind that should you need to claim you will have the right cover in place. So whether you are in retail, wholesale or manufacturing, a church or a charity or run an office why not let us put your mind at rest. After all your business is your livelihood.

As a company we are more than happy to act as a “sounding board” and answer those “what if” questions. It’s far better to seek advice now than once a claim is required. If our free help leads you to like what you hear then maybe you’ll let us quote at your next renewal, who knows…..

An increase in “unadvised sales” of policies (this is where the policyholder has not had the benefit of talking to an insurance advisor, mainly from online trading) has increased the number of claims not being met by insurers..  Are you going to be caught out too?

StethoscopeThe worst time to find out you do not in fact have the cover you think you have is when you are submitting a claim. By then it is too late to correct the problem. It’s like buying medicines over the counter after self diagnosing. You may get lucky and get just the right treatment for your condition or you may in fact waste your money on something that is not suitable or in fact you could kill the patient, your business. One of the most common times of business failure is following a major claim that’s been unsuccessful. Don’t end up as a statistic.

Continuing the metaphor, if however you go to a “medical professional” you stand a better chance of the right treatment for your condition. In insurance terms, we want to be your “insurance professionals”.

As a company we are seeing an increase in clients who are disillusioned with the “direct” route. Many feel the direct treatment is not right as advice is not given. We seek to analyse your current cover AND then go back to basics and ensure the cover matches your current situation. We point out any potential pitfalls or shortcomings within the current policy whilst also seeing if we can do better for you in terms of cover and price. Why settle for any less?

So, don’t be caught out by non disclosure, average, The Insurance Act 2015 responsibilities or a multitude of other potential hazards just call 1 Stop for Free Professional Advice.

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