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Stricter punishment for speeding offences from today!

Speeding lightsYou may not be aware but new rules have now come into force for the most serious speeding offences meaning that fines are set to increase by 50%. (Source the BBC)

I’m not talking about “low level” speeding camera events or those only a few mph outside the limit but those who choose to excessively exceed speed limits and dice with death for both them and other road users.

From now if you commit a Band C offence the magistrates can levy between 125% and 175% of weekly income. The starting point in most cases is set at 150%. Will it make people think twice before planting their right foot or not? I suspect sadly not.

Do you think more harsh punishments are required for driving offences and if so what would you do?

We’ve seen the widespread introduction of “average speed” cameras on motorways and my perception is that this has overall the desired effect. Most drivers seem to moderate their speed to about the desired level.

I’ve wondered what margin of error they allow on such set ups though?

My own personal annoyance, as far as bad driving goes is those people who jump red traffic lights, whether they be in vehicles or on bicycles. I can think of a few apt punishments for these offenders, (like an array of spikes that come up from the road to puncture all the tyres) but sadly none are legal.

Saying that, I recall sitting at a set of lights once with a police car sitting at the lights opposite me. We patiently awaited the change from red to green and of course I was on my best behaviour as I was in full view of the “boys in blue”.

The lights changed and I, and my opposite number, gently accelerated to then suddenly slam on the anchors as a blue car shot over the junction between us, scaring not only me but I think the boys in blue too! Needless to say our friends opposite hit the “blues” and went off in pursuit of the offender. It certainly put a smile on my face to know the offending car driver had just jumped one light too many.

Anyway back to speeding. Whilst the fine increase may be good news for road safety the regulators are capping the fine at up to £1,000 for all roads except motorways, where this is £2,500. So, no level playing field with regards to high income drivers I’m afraid to say.

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