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5 Ways To Lower Your Motor Insurance Costs

MoneyAs most of you are aware motor insurance costs are rising due to a wide number of facts but primarily the changes to the Ogden Rate (used by the courts to settle Personal Injury claims). At 1 Stop Insurance we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible for our clients whilst still maintaining value for money and wide policy cover. Read on for some advice as to how to keep your insurance costs down.



It’s surprising how many clients add drivers to their insurance policies and then forget they are on there. Restricting the number of drivers usually gives a discount so check out who you are covering and if they haven’t say driven the car in the last year why pay to have them on the insurance?

Strangely men, by adding your spouse to the policy you may in fact lower your premium, depending on their experience / occupation etc

Policy excess -little or large? 

Our advice is look at the total excess and if you could afford to pay that out today then great. If not then you are possibly making a false economy and just storing up problems for yourself. At 1 Stop we establish how much you want to pay on excess and quote accordingly. After all what’s the point in having a larger excess to keep the cost down if you are then going to struggle to find that money when you claim.

If you bought your cover from a comparison site you probably therefore have a large total excess. If an insurer can top up a voluntary excess with a compulsory policy excess in the background then they may be able to stay on the all important first page of comparisons and so win your custom. However, if you don’t appreciate the fact that one excess adds to the other then you could get a nasty surprise if you submit a claim.

The comparison sites compete mostly on price and therefore something has to give in order to keep the premium down and the company appearing high up on the tables. (Most people don’t bother going past the first 10 or so entries). Invariably what suffers is the policy excess or cover.


How many miles do you travel per year? If it’s under 10,000 then it might be worth advising the insurers. You may obtain an additional discount. However, be wary of not being accurate. If you have a claim the mileage may be checked and if you have driven further than quoted the insurers will probably apply a levy for the discount claimed.

Business use 

The right cover is essential and the worst time to find out you are not properly covered is either at the roadside when stopped by the police or following an accident.

Do you use your car for business? If you go to more than one permanent place of business or maybe take the occasionally trip out to the post office or shops in connection with work then you must have business use added to your policy. If not then you invalidate your cover and could be prosecuted for uninsured driving and the total cost of any accident. It doesn’t come under the heading of “commuting” so don’t be misled into taking that cover and thinking it will do.

So what next?Simple, let us help you. It’s far easier than doing it yourself and often for like for like cover we fare better on cost than going direct.

Call or email us to discuss your requirements. We can help decide what cover you ought to have and options you might like to consider. We can give you a like for like comparison or at the very least reassure you that what you have is sound and competitive.

  • We have over 30 years experience and save our clients time and money
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  • We take away the fear of “what are they like for claims”
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