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Hacker Honeypots

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NinjaHiscox turns billboards into hacker honeypots as a cyber-risk warning

In a media first, Hiscox are using real-time cyber attacks in their latest advertising campaign. As a company Hiscox Insurance, like 1 Stop Insurance, are seeking to raise awareness of the threat that cyber-crime poses to businesses today.

There is a lot of hype about Cyber Crime but few clients actually realise how prevalent it really is. In the campaign Hiscox Insurance have set up 3 ‘honeypot’ servers (the type of servers typically used by a small business).

So what is a honeypot server? Basically it is a decoy server normally used to trap potential hackers.

However, these servers are different in that they haven’t been used to trap hackers but are instead linked to digital posters at  37 sites from London to Glasgow. Each time a cyber attack occurs, it triggers a pulsing red light on the poster, so the more attacks there are to the servers, the more the poster headline visually reacts.

The campaign started on Monday from Waterloo and Euston stations to key roadside locations in cities such as Manchester and Edinburgh.

Based on initial trials, the number of attempted attacks (and pulsing dots) each day is averaging 23,000 so over the course of the campaign the proxy servers are expected to be the target of circa 148,000 attempted attacks.

They say a picture speaks a 1,000 words but what about 148,000? With new Data Protection rules (GDPR) coming in very shortly what are you doing to protect your business? If you haven’t considered Cyber cover then speak to 1 Stop

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