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Let us burst your “bubble”. Are you paying for phone insurance you may not need? Many phone providers look to boost their income by adding in mobile phone or gadget insurance but are you already covered and could you be wasting your money?

If you have a home insurance policy and this includes All Risks or Personal Possessions cover you may already have insurance in place but just not realise it. With standalone online policies costing between £1.50 and £4 per month that is frankly just money down the drain. Some online covers merely cover accidental damage and not theft. Other policies limit the age of the device to 2 or 3 years that is all. So why take such a restrictive cover when your own home insurance could already be covering you?

So, our word to the wise, is check out the cover under your home insurance policy first. It could be you have the cover already in place or could add it in at far less cost and with a fuller benefit on top of that.



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