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Are Bad driving habits wrecking your car?

It’s only when our cars are in various stages of protest that we realise something is wrong with them. This might be a mystery squeak or rattle, the assertive glare of a warning light, or a full-on engine implosion. We may curse our wheels when they let us down at the side of the road, […]

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Is speed-limiting technology the right direction?

It looks like Britain’s roads are set to slow down in upcoming years thanks to a new EU ruling meaning that all new cars sold from 2022 onwards need to be fitted with speed-limiting technology, designed to automatically ensure the driver sticks to the speed limit. The ruling has only been provisionally agreed at present and […]

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£250bn+ worth of contents are not insured!

In today’s world, we have a better understanding of the value of our possessions, the threat of risks like fires or the weather, and are more aware when it comes to protecting our properties from would-be thieves. Yet despite all this, 28% of us don’t have a home contents insurance policy in place and £266bn […]

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The best cars to buy for under £100,000

Whether you are buying a high-value vehicle to fulfil a childhood dream, as a smart (though admittedly quite frightening) investment, or simply to soak up what such a machine has to offer, the decision in choosing the right car can take serious consideration. We look at what £100,000 can get you.   The bull: Lamborghini […]

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What is the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and what do they do?

Whether you have heard of the MIB or not, they act as a key lifeline for those hit by uninsured or untraced drivers across Britain. They aim to protect us as drivers and are funded by who else but us as drivers, with roughly £30 of every UK car insurance premium going towards their efforts. […]

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Innovative ways that businesses have cut their costs

  Cutting costs is never an easy task. Yet sometimes, implementing the smallest changes can add up to substantial long-term savings. Is anyone olive out there? In 1987, American Airlines determined that if they removed a single olive from all of their in-flight salads, they would make an annual saving of around £30,000 each year. […]

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The perils of modification

    Did you know that something as simple as adding a company logo, sign writing or stuck on sign counts as a modification to you vehicle and needs to be declared to your insurer? Whilst for many of us, that’s the extent of our tampering, vehicle modification has become second-nature for many car enthusiasts. […]

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Five-star fraud – Do you trust online reviews?

  What with instant online access, our decisions are increasingly becoming swayed by reviews. From which restaurants we eat in, to the hotels we stay in, which products we choose to buy and who we choose to buy them from. Whilst it can be very helpful to get a third-party perspective, can you be sure […]

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Common fire hazards in a retail space

  All businesses need to adhere to certain fire safety regulations as set down by law. Whilst you may have filled in all the forms, done all the necessary checks and made reasonable adjustments to your work space, sometimes it helps to go over the basics. We take a look at some common fire hazards […]

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Landlords: Make sure you know the new electrical safety laws

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  Following on from the government’s initiative to improve standards in the rental sector, tough new rules for electrical inspections have been introduced. These are intended to offer greater protection for tenants in private rented accommodation. These rules serve to ensure that landlords arrange electrical inspections that are conducted by competent and fully qualified inspectors, […]

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