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10 top tips for travel insurance

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Thinking of going away this year? Already got your schedule planned? Make sure you don’t forget about your insurance. We take a look at the top 10 things you should consider before arranging travel cover. Single vs. multi-trip If you tend to go on one big holiday a year, single trip insurance will likely suffice. […]

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How will technology affect your home insurance?

Even the most basic of homes are being upgraded, refitted and kitted out with smart technology to enhance our daily lives when in the home. The Internet of Things (IoT) plans to make the integration and usage of these advanced devices simple and seamless. What does it mean for our home insurance though? And how […]

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Real Insurance Really Matters

On 8th May 2019 BBC Watchdog reported on something quite concerning… Out there in the world wide web, which we know is already riddled with fraud, there is a new trend of scammers posing as Insurance Brokers, taking advantage of hard working people trying to insure themselves. We know this as “Ghost Broking” Now, the […]

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Holiday home insurance: Q&A

Owning a second home is a multi-faceted venture. It can be a getaway for you and your family when “Blighty” gets the better of you, providing winter sun or summer shade. For business heads, house ownership is a solid investment regardless of what you plan on doing with it. You can rent it out in […]

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Mobile phone detectors to spot drivers using devices

Mobile phones are a primary source of distraction while behind the wheel, and despite it being illegal, 25% of UK drivers admit that they have used their phones while driving at some point in the last year. According to the RAC, these figures haven’t changed significantly enough in the last year, which is why both […]

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Is Notre-Dame insured and how will it be repaired?

A cultural icon of France and, perhaps surprisingly, visited by more tourists than the Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral is a place of spiritual wellbeing as much as it is of Catholicism.   Due to the brave and quick-witted actions of firefighters, the structure has fortunately been saved, and a restoration project has been assured […]

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Are Bad driving habits wrecking your car?

It’s only when our cars are in various stages of protest that we realise something is wrong with them. This might be a mystery squeak or rattle, the assertive glare of a warning light, or a full-on engine implosion. We may curse our wheels when they let us down at the side of the road, […]

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Is speed-limiting technology the right direction?

It looks like Britain’s roads are set to slow down in upcoming years thanks to a new EU ruling meaning that all new cars sold from 2022 onwards need to be fitted with speed-limiting technology, designed to automatically ensure the driver sticks to the speed limit. The ruling has only been provisionally agreed at present and […]

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£250bn+ worth of contents are not insured!

In today’s world, we have a better understanding of the value of our possessions, the threat of risks like fires or the weather, and are more aware when it comes to protecting our properties from would-be thieves. Yet despite all this, 28% of us don’t have a home contents insurance policy in place and £266bn […]

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The best cars to buy for under £100,000

Whether you are buying a high-value vehicle to fulfil a childhood dream, as a smart (though admittedly quite frightening) investment, or simply to soak up what such a machine has to offer, the decision in choosing the right car can take serious consideration. We look at what £100,000 can get you.   The bull: Lamborghini […]

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