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A tale of two businesses

Mark and Sally both want to make a go of running a small business in their local town. Mark wants to open a local antique store, while Sally has her sights set on opening a small boutique on the bustling riverside.   Both budding entrepreneurs grew up in the same town, so they know that […]

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How to deal with a denied insurance claim

  Making a claim on your insurance can be a stressful process and without the right support, it can feel like there’s no-one but you to fight your corner. If your claim has been rejected then don’t despair, there are things that can be done to either overturn the decision or get back on your […]

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How to switch off as a small business owner

According to a study conducted by Simply Business, almost half of small business owners cancel social plans at least once a week because they are too busy with work-related matters and 25% have fallen ill due to stress and overwork. As a small business owner, it can be easy to fall into the trap of […]

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Innovative ways that businesses have cut their costs

  Cutting costs is never an easy task. Yet sometimes, implementing the smallest changes can add up to substantial long-term savings. Is anyone olive out there? In 1987, American Airlines determined that if they removed a single olive from all of their in-flight salads, they would make an annual saving of around £30,000 each year. […]

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Common fire hazards in a retail space

  All businesses need to adhere to certain fire safety regulations as set down by law. Whilst you may have filled in all the forms, done all the necessary checks and made reasonable adjustments to your work space, sometimes it helps to go over the basics. We take a look at some common fire hazards […]

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