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Smart homes- Are they a help or a hinderance

While the use of telematics (Black Boxes)in cars is nothing new, the idea that this can be extended to the home marks a significant change both for our customers and the household insurance market as we know it. The application of smart technology in the home is wide-ranging; from smart security systems to fridges that […]

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Hit by an uninsured driver-what next?

The MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) estimates that 1 in 38 cars is driven by an uninsured driver. So why do some drivers take the risk? It could be they don’t want to pay the premium, are inexperienced, have previous accidents or convictions or are just unable to pass the driving test. All in all most […]

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Cyclists insurance petition attracts online attention

An online petition has attracted both signatures and derision after calling for British cyclists to ‘hold insurance and pay road tax’. The petition was created by motorist Owen McDermott, who claims: “The public roads used by motor vehicles are becoming unsafe to use” “Just like having to sit your theory and your practical test to […]

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Insurance Comparison sites – The downside

There is no doubt that Insurance comparison sites have had a lot to play in altering the insurance market over the last few years but sometimes it’s sad to say it’s not always for the better. If I come across a young driver looking for insurance then I would often these will provide a good route. […]

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Decreasing mortgage cover- peace of mind.

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None of us like thinking about death, especially our own but think we must if we are to protect our loved ones. If you have a mortgage these days the lender may not insist on you having life cover in place but it is obviously advisable. If we put this cover in force we then tend […]

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Driverless cars, good or bad?

We never cease to hear of the latest innovation in the technology that is becoming “driverless cars”. But will it ever live up to the hype? The promise is of fewer accidents and that by removing the “human element” from the equation getting from A to B will be better all round. But, as any […]

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5 Ways To Lower Your Motor Insurance Costs

As most of you are aware motor insurance costs are rising due to a wide number of facts but primarily the changes to the Ogden Rate (used by the courts to settle Personal Injury claims). At 1 Stop Insurance we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible for our clients whilst still maintaining […]

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Stricter punishment for speeding offences from today!

You may not be aware but new rules have now come into force for the most serious speeding offences meaning that fines are set to increase by 50%. (Source the BBC) I’m not talking about “low level” speeding camera events or those only a few mph outside the limit but those who choose to excessively […]

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5 Ways to get cheaper parking

How many of these do you do? Cheat your way to cheaper parking with our top 5 life hacks for car owners.   Once you’ve factored in tax, car insurance and petrol, owning a car isn’t cheap – and eye-watering city centre parking prices don’t help. But what if we told you there are a […]

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Rising Motor or Liability Premium?

Why are motor insurance and Liability rates increasing? The insurance industry as a whole is reeling from an overhaul of the way courts calculate compensation claims (called the Personal Injury Discount Rate). All motor and liability insurers will probably have to increase the premiums they charge as a result. If your rate has increased then […]

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