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Future cars will need cyber cover

Long the stuff of science-fiction, driverless cars are very slowly becoming an inevitability with most major motor and technology firms testing their early models as they prepare to hit the mass market in the next few years. However these self-driving vehicles won’t just change the way we get from A to B – they also […]

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Immune to Cyber attack? Think again.

I thought you might like to see the prominent experiment run by one of our Cyber Insurers, Hiscox Insurance. Whilst they incidentally share my surname and there is apparently a common ancestor over 300 years ago that’s not the reason why we utilise their policies alongside those from other providers. Hiscox Insurance has over 14 […]

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Even Churches are not protected..

HACKED It’s a shame that even churches and charities are not immune to being caught out by Cyber Attacks. The Baptist Union recently highlighted news from The Charity Commission, which offered advice to Charities as to what they can do to protect themselves. It is mostly common sense but sometimes that is what we all […]

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Insurance Comparison sites – The downside

There is no doubt that Insurance comparison sites have had a lot to play in altering the insurance market over the last few years but sometimes it’s sad to say it’s not always for the better. If I come across a young driver looking for insurance then I would often these will provide a good route. […]

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The 1 Stop Church Insurance Guide

Insurance for church staff and volunteers When considering insurance for your church who are you legally required to cover or insure? Staff, trustees, volunteers? The answer is frankly all the above. No matter whether someone is paid for their work or volunteers makes no difference in a court of law. You have a duty of […]

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