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Avoiding blocked Drains

Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in and we’re begrudgingly packing away our shorts and flip-flops for another year in place of cosy jumpers, winter coats and knitted scarves. Whilst autumn has its upsides, those crispy golden leaves can become quite a nuisance. Yes, we’re talking about blocked drains… A build-up of fallen […]

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Garden Offices

It’s often said that living quarters and working areas should be kept entirely separate to strike the right balance between productivity on the job and a happy home life. But not everyone has the luxury of an extra room, and even if they do, its primary function may already be determined as the guest room, […]

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Protecting your high net worth home against water damage

  Taking sufficient measures to protect your home against water damage is essential as insurers may not pay out if you attempt to claim for damage which could have been prevented with due diligence. This is, of course, dependent on the wording in your insurance policy. With this in mind, it’s best to properly prepare […]

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Smart homes- Are they a help or a hinderance

While the use of telematics (Black Boxes)in cars is nothing new, the idea that this can be extended to the home marks a significant change both for our customers and the household insurance market as we know it. The application of smart technology in the home is wide-ranging; from smart security systems to fridges that […]

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Cyclists insurance petition attracts online attention

An online petition has attracted both signatures and derision after calling for British cyclists to ‘hold insurance and pay road tax’. The petition was created by motorist Owen McDermott, who claims: “The public roads used by motor vehicles are becoming unsafe to use” “Just like having to sit your theory and your practical test to […]

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Insurance Comparison sites – The downside

There is no doubt that Insurance comparison sites have had a lot to play in altering the insurance market over the last few years but sometimes it’s sad to say it’s not always for the better. If I come across a young driver looking for insurance then I would often these will provide a good route. […]

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What’s the most common home insurance claim?

No matter which insurer you talk to the answer will be Accidental damage (AD). So are you covered? Not every policy covers accidental damage to your home, business or their contents. A little while ago I was talking to a client about taking over their insurance from a direct insurer. They said they had a comprehensive […]

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Sheds, cabins & other outbuildings

Are items kept in your shed covered on house insurance? Unless you have a highly unusual policy the answer is probably “Yes” but as to how far that is where the answer is more difficult. A lot depends on the type of home insurance policy you have, the security of your outbuildings and indeed the […]

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