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Accident Sickness and Unemployment Insurance

Continuing income if you are unable to continue working.

ASU cover provides the assurance that you will continue to receive a specified level of income if you become redundant or are unable to work because of accident or sickness. You need to ask yourself whether you would you have money coming in to meet the bills? If not then this is the cover for you.

1 Stop Insurance can include a range of benefits from award-winning insurers:

  • benefit can be paid for up to 24 months
  • cover from as little as £2 per £100 of monthly benefit
  • free cover for up to the first six months
  • “back to day one” cover
  • policy transferable between mortgage lenders
  • cover for self-employed people too
  • “back to work” support to help you get earning again

None of us expect to be ill, injured or unemployed but a little planning now can protect your future.

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