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Charity Insurance Case Studies

Liability claims

Case 1

A Community Association with a potential PL claim

A committee member fell over unit foundations of new porch, fracturing a foot and shattering her heel. The foundations had not been fenced off and the association who owned the land had failed to either take action to secure the site nor to erect warning signs as to the potential danger.

Insurers took over the matter, communicating with the solicitor appointed by the plaintiff and settled the matter before it went to court. Our client was spared the anguish of having to attend court and the costs were borne by our clients insurer.

Needless to say our clients risk management was examined and a number of improvements made not only with regard to this matter.

Case 2

A Housing Trust – Chef burnt his arms removing food from oven.

The allegation of failure to provide protective clothing was made by the injured party. It turned out on investigation that safety clothing had been provided and the plaintiff had been warned verbally and in writing previously about his not using this. Our clients had meticulous records as well as the results of a recent Health & Safety visit to support their defence. Even with this many weeks of letters back and forth between solicitors were required before the case was dropped.

Having legal advice on tap as and when required plus good risk management procedures laid down in conjunction with 1 Stop Insurance meant, what could have been an expensive claim, was seen off.

Case 3

A college – female library assistant fell on polished floor and fractured ankle.

The contractors who had been called in by our clients to polish the floor were eventually found at fault, but not before the matter went through months of legal arguments and was eventually taken to court.

The contractors eventually admitted that their new staff member, acting alone and unsupervised, had used the wrong type of polish on the floor and what should have been a “low slip” finish ended up more like a skating rink. Our clients insurers supported them fully through the whole matter, providing solicitors who argued their case successfully.

Case 4

A nursing home – Employers Liability claim.

A female care assistant who injured her back lifting a patient was off work for 6 months and alleged a lack of training & unsafe system of work against our client. She was relatively new to her job and fortunately our clients had detailed records to prove her training in the area of manual handling.

On investigation it turned out the lady had suffered from back problems for some years and had given false information on her employment application. Our clients were able to appoint solicitors, who in conjunction with their insurers and 1 Stop Insurance were able to establish that our clients had specific rules in place and equipment to assist with lifting. The case was dropped after a few weeks but it could have been a costly affair without our support and documentation to prove our clients case.

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