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Affordable GAP insurance

Insurers usually pay claims based on the market value of any car at the time it is damaged or written off. But what happens if this is less than any finance outstanding or the cost to buy a new car?

GAP insurance can help meet the difference.

1 Stop Insurance offer some of the widest GAP cover possible on cars, vans and trucks.

How does GAP work?

As soon as you drive a new car off the garage forecourt it depreciates in value. If you bought a car on finance, often called PCP, you will be paying for it over usually 3 or 4 years. With GAP cover the difference between the insurance pay out and the amount you originally paid is covered enabling you to replace the car with a new model.


  If you write off your car without GAP cover the result is potentially a finance bill that you still have to pay on a car you may no longer have.

  If you have to find even more money to buy a replacement vehicle it could be a serious blow to your finances.

Our GAP cover can help.

But which GAP cover is right? You can choose from Return to Invoice, Finance GAP, Return to Value and Equivalent /Replacement or combinations of these. Who knew it was so complicated? 1 Stop can explain the differences and source the best to suit your requirements.

Benefits of the 1 Stop Insurance GAP Cover:

  • Cover for 2 or 3 years
  • Cover for cars, vans or motorcycles (500cc or more)
  • Vehicles to 5 years old and up to 80,000 miles
  • Maximum GAP cover of £15,000
  • Cover for any excesses of up to £250.
  • Integrated Glass’s guide vehicle valuation

As from April 2015 motor dealers have to wait 4 days before offering GAP cover as it was recognised by the financial regulators that clients needed time to look for better and potentially cheaper alternatives to the dealers policies.  1 Stop Insurance offer market leading cover but at a far better price than dealers. Phone us now to see just how competitive we are.

What next?

Contact us NOW – by phone, email, in writing or using our online chat facility and see the vast saving you could make by not taking dealers cover.

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