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Moving you in a big way

Whatever size or type of fleet you run, it’s critical that you get the best cover to suit your budget with a first class service to keep your staff on the move with the least hassle possible.

Our motor fleet insurance team is experienced at offering the best cover and advice, whether you operate your business from home or business premises, work part-time or full-time.

We class fleets as a minimum of 3 vehicles and have access to a number of schemes and providers. If you wish to insure less than 3 vehicles then please look at either car or van insurance.

Premium is important but not we feel the be all and end all of considerations. That is why 1 Stop Insurance link to some of the most competitive, high quality fleet insurers around. We can help with most types of fleets from cars & minibuses to coaches and commercial vehicles. Our National buying power through Open GI means we can source some of the best deals available.

We offer Fleet Insurance in the following areas:

  • Vans
  • Cars
  • Mixed fleets
  • Coach
  • Minibus
  • Haulage
  • Specialist vehicle types
  • Mixed vehicle types

Why choose 1 Stop Insurance for your fleet insurance?

Risk management in today’s market plays a very important part in fleet cover and the reduction in liability exposures. This is why our staff can provide practical advice and assistance in helping you put in place a realistic risk management strategy. Without this, although you may obtain a cheaper quotation initially from some companies, your long-term premiums and profitability could be affected. Prevention is far better than cure and we can help with an active management strategy

Our fleet policies can give you:

  • Highly competitive premiums
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Ongoing attentive support
  • Access to major UK insurers
  • Our 30 years trading experience
  • Preferential terms

What other options should you consider?

New vehicle replacement GAP – more info…

We can offer GAP cover to ensure that if a vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair you can replace it without having to worry about uncleared finance or insufficient funds being available.

Legal Expenses cover

To recover uninsured losses in the event of non fault or disputed accidents. Whilst under a comprehensive cover you may have your vehicle repaired the excess would not be paid nor any other “uninsured losses”. A legal expenses cover will put a solicitor on your side, with fees paid up to £100,000 to fight to protect your rights and recover amounts owed. To a business this can include lost profit and materials.

Breakdown cover

Your business depends on its vehicles being on the road so a comprehensive vehicle breakdown service is essential. We have providers who give market leading service at low cost.

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