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Property Insurance Case Studies

Case 1


Our client woke in the early hours to discover his home filled with smoke and the terror of a fire in progress. The family were evacuated and the emergency services on scene shortly thereafter. The family dog was not so fortunate.

Standing at the roadside all they had was the clothes on their back. What hadn’t been burnt was smoke damaged.

On contacting 1 Stop Insurance that morning we comforted them and immediately set wheels in motion to meet their obvious needs. A loss adjuster was on scene within hours and an interim cash payment made to allow purchase of clothes and other essentials. Accommodation was found and professional cleaners put on site to start the cleaning process.

At the end of the claim the insurers had paid out approximately £52,000 but our client was grateful for our attention and delighted with the results.

Case 2

Food, food glorious food!

Our client contacted 1 Stop Insurance after discovering her freezer contents had spoilt due to a breakdown. A staff member visited the lady and helped her complete the claim form and take an inventory of the contents.

After sending the details off to the insurers we were delighted to present the client with a cheque in full settlement within 8 days.

Case 3

Confiscated toys

Our client rang one morning somewhat embarrassed due to a “little accident” at the home. It appears her husband was trying to recapture his youth by demonstrating the art of using a “pogo stick”. The problem was that this was when he was in an upstairs room.

The claim was for a damaged carpet, floor and ceiling where he had gone through all three. Insurers saw the funny side of the matter and paid out the full amount to cover the repairs and our client promised that her husbands “toy” had been confiscated.


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