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Travel Insurance Case Studies

Case Study 1

The end to a long planned trip…

As this case study shows, things can go wrong on holiday. Whether it’s an accident or fall; your money or luggage are lost or stolen; your visit might have to be cancelled or cut short or your family needing to fly out to be with you if you are seriously ill. All these risks and more can be covered by taking out travel insurance BUT quality cover is essential.

“I’m a student and 6 months ago I went travelling to Ghana with one of my friends. We had both prepared thoroughly, taking out full insurance and were both equipped with medical kits. While we were abroad I became very ill and dehydrated and was unable to drink due to a kidney infection.

I was taken to a small hospital in the mountains but was still unable to keep any water down. Eventually I had to be taken by air ambulance to a hospital in the capital.

When I was taken back to England I had my flight upgraded so that I was more comfortable. I am incredibly relieved that I was prepared and had taken out a quality travel insurance which covered my air ambulance to the capital and my transportation home, otherwise this traumatic experience would have cost me in the region of £50,000. Thanks 1Stop.”

If you need to be returned to the UK in an emergency it could cost you thousands. Make sure you have adequate and appropriate travel insurance.

Typical costs to the UK are in the region of-

* £30-35,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – East coast of USA
* £12-16,000 Air ambulance (Jet) – Canaries
* £10-12,000 Air ambulance (turbo-prop) – Balearics
* £1,200-3,000 Air taxi (propeller driven light aircraft) – Northern France
* £15-20,000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and Doctor escort – Australia
* £9-12,000 Scheduled flight, seated club, with a nurse escort – West coast of USA
* £1,800-4,000 Scheduled flight, seated economy with a Doctor escort – Mediterranean
* £100-£800 Scheduled flight, seated economy without an escort – Mediterranean
* £3,000-£6,000 Scheduled flight, stretcher and Doctor escort – Mediterranean
*costs correct at time of going to press

Case study 2

Surgery abroad. No thanks!

Even routine surgery can be complicated to arrange in a foreign country. Our client was a 55-year-old visiting Asia. Falling ill he was advised that he needed surgery, but that it was not urgent that he have it immediately. The client was unable to continue his holiday but was able to consult the 24 hour assistance as part of his 1 Stop Insurance policy and advise the insurers that he would prefer not to have the operation abroad. He asked for help with rescheduling flight to return to the UK.

Consulting with the patient and insurance company the assistance service made all the arrangements and so safely returned the client to the UK and the insurers arranged a partial refund on his holiday cost too.

“Without the excellent cover arranged by 1 Stop I would have had a stressful time arranging the return home myself and lost a vast amount of money on what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. The arrangements were excellently made and I couldn’t have been happier. Well done 1 Stop! and thanks”


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