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Cyclists insurance petition attracts online attention

An online petition has attracted both signatures and derision after calling for British cyclists to ‘hold insurance and pay road tax’. The petition was created by motorist Owen McDermott, who claims: “The public roads used by motor vehicles are becoming unsafe to use” “Just like having to sit your theory and your practical test to […]

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Insurance Comparison sites – The downside

There is no doubt that Insurance comparison sites have had a lot to play in altering the insurance market over the last few years but sometimes it’s sad to say it’s not always for the better. If I come across a young driver looking for insurance then I would often these will provide a good route. […]

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Driverless cars, good or bad?

We never cease to hear of the latest innovation in the technology that is becoming “driverless cars”. But will it ever live up to the hype? The promise is of fewer accidents and that by removing the “human element” from the equation getting from A to B will be better all round. But, as any […]

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Carillion Fallout

We’ve received some phone calls from distressed Carillion associates – People who are looking for their best option. Does this affect you or someone you know? Some of those people are thinking about going self employed, or starting their own business. It’s a big step and as with any potential business start up part of […]

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Current News

It’s not what you know but who you know ! Scaffolders and roofers– With the Christmas and New Year breaks out of the way it seems scaffolders and roofers are becoming more active and with that we have seen an influx of new cases. With higher risk occupations like this we know some companies can […]

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