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Case 1

Speed - service - and a new car...

Our client was extremely grateful for his 1 Stop motor insurance in January this year. His 18 year-old son was driving on the motorway when he had to take evasive action as another vehicle swung into his lane after a tyre blowout. Our clients car span into the central reservation. Thanks to his quick reaction, the young man was uninjured, but not the car.

The claim was processed the day after the accident after talking to 1 Stop, and the car inspected by an engineer the day after. It was unfortunately beyond repair. The quick processing of the claim meant that our client was able to collect his new car 2 weeks later. In addition, since 1 Stop Insurance had arranged G.A.P. Insurance cover the replacement vehicle was almost identical to the original vehicle.

Case 2

How much extra!

A new client came to us after buying a new Mini Cooper S 1.6. She had been surprised to find that her current insurer was to charge her an extra £30 a month on her motor policy to change from her old to new car.

Our client decided to do some shopping around, and managed to reduce her bill by around £250 by choosing a policy with 1 Stop Insurance after being recommended by another long standing client.

Our new client said: "I was with a direct company and had been driving a Peugeot 206 GT. When I bought the new Mini Cooper S I spoke to my current insurers and was surprised by the cost difference. Remembering a friend having told me of the friendly and competitive service she was getting I decided to give 1 Stop a try. They were so friendly and helpful. The staff knew what they were talking about, had an astounding range of covers from which to choose and the cost was actually far cheaper than I had been paying.

I felt I was treated as a person and they were willing to spend the time explaining the cover and options rather than the direct insurers response which was very much ‘here is the policy’ take it or leave it.


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