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High protection, low cost travel insurance

We match your insurance cover to your specific needs and budget. Whether you are going on your annual holiday or a business trip; a day trip, a globe-trotting tour, a backpacking adventure; or are planning winter skiing or scuba diving; we arrange cover to suit you. Some schemes cover children Free, others cater for more mature travellers (Annual multi trip up to age 69 and single trip policies with no upper age limit!)

Choose from below for immediate cover, which you can review and buy online, or contact us for a detailed quote using our rapid response form. 

Some of the benefits from our award-winning insurers include: 

 Single Trip Cover - Annual Multi Trip - Long Stay
Flexible cover from 1 day to 18 months
 Delay and Cancellation included
Baggage & Personal Possessions
medical cover of up to £10m including repatriation
 discounted rates for single parents, couples, families or groups

cover for almost all medical conditions possible 

Short Stay Trips

Anything as short as 1 day but up to 2 months - this is usually the best option to take. It is better to have some cover rather than none at all. If you need medical treatment not all countries have our NHS type treatment, no matter how much we moan about it.

Extended Stay

If you intend to be abroad for at least 2 months then this type of policy offers the most cost effective solution to your insurance needs. Policies can be arranged with or without cover for baggage with discounts being given for this exclusion.

Frequent Travellers

If you fall into this category it may be worthwhile considering an annual contract that could cover any number of trips in the course of the year. Often this will work out more cost effective than arranging a new policy for each individual trip.


Choose below from Immediate cover to buy NOW 24/7

or In-Depth for a more personalised policy. 

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