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Pre-existing medical conditions & Travel Insurance

In the UK there are over 15 million people with long-standing health conditions who are finding it increasingly difficult to source affordable travel insurance. This figure is expected to rise to 18 million in the next decade. Why is it so difficult to source affordable travel insurance? There is an all-around lack of understanding amongst […]

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Fitness Trackers-The “black box” health insurance monitor?

The number of people wearing fitness trackers and wearable smart devices to monitor their fitness has skyrocketed in recent years. It has been cited that one in 6 people in the UK wore a wearable fitness tracking device in 2017. These devices track and monitor the wearer’s daily activity including how many steps they take […]

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40% travelling with the wrong Travel Cover!

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Nearly 40% of British holidaymakers travel abroad with the wrong cover! As many as two in five people (38%) – 9.9 million Brits – who travelled abroad in the past 12 months have holidayed without the right travel insurance, took part in activities which may not have been covered, or didn’t have any insurance at […]

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Laptops on Planes- Covered or Not?

You will no doubt have heard about certain flights into the UK and USA banning things like laptops from hand luggage, insisting that they are carried in hold luggage instead. So where do you stand with regards to insurance of these items? Whilst I cannot speak for all insurers the following will normally be true. […]

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